We are WordPress experts and WordPress is our recommendation to create any type of website.

Sample video tutorial “WordPress Dashboard” from XGINT Academy

Why use WordPress?

Because WordPress is the leading CMS on the market used in more than 60 million websites, with a approximate 33% share of the published websites. It has a community of developers that constantly improve the CMS.

There is a lot of themes and plugins (free and premium) to expand the capabilities of the CMS.

It also can be extended by developing custom themes and plugins. So it is like doing a custom development but relying in the native power and reliability of the CMS.

What type of projects can we develop using WordPress?

From a one single page website to a very complex one, blogs or e-commerce sites, we can deliver them with the highest quality.

Single sites or multi sites. You name it!

xgint.com site has been developed by us using WordPress.


Branding and design, using premium themes and premium plugins related (with no additional cost) from different providers: Cryout Creations, Modern Themes, Elegant Themes and more to come…

If necessary, we can create a custom theme or modify an existing one.

All of our projects include the necessary plugins to:

  • Enable security measures, including backups and monitoring.
  • Boost performance, including smushing images to optimize response time.
  • Initial SEO implementation.

If the project requires, we can create custom plugins to give the functionality that any other existing plugins cannot deliver.

As a optional feature, hosting in our high speed hosting tuned for WordPress, including object and page caching and CDN.

Also, if we are in charge of the hosting, we also can include, at no additional cost, any of the premium plugins provided by WPMU DEV.

If you have any questions or want more information about the implementation to your specific case, contact us, without commitment, and we will make a personalized feasibility study.

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