The platform

Master Quiz is a platform created, maintained and marketed jointly by KIDEKOM and XGINT.

The platform is based on a multiplayer quiz game and can be used to create communication campaigns adapted to the needs of each client.

The game

The game is a multiplayer quiz game in 2 phases.

  • Qualifying Rounds, starting with 4 players until 3 of them are eliminated. It is eliminated in each round the one with the worst score.
  • The Grand Final. If the player passes to the final he will play 3 rounds of questions against Master Quizz.

There are 4 types of questions:

  • CLASSIC: You are shown 4 answers. You have to choose the right one. If you answer correctly, you win 2 points. If you fail, you get 0 points.
  • RISKY: You are shown 4 answers. You have to choose the right one. If you answer correctly, you win 4 points. If you fail, you lose 2 points.
  • MAD DOG: There are 4 possible answers, but you only get to see 3 of them. The other one is hidden. If you choose the right answer you win 6 points. If you fail, you lose 3 points.
  • KAMIKAZE: You have to write down the answer. If you get it right, you win 12 points. Otherwise, you lose 4 points.

The player who is participating in each moment is the only one who answers the questions of each type (according to their choice) that are made throughout the game. The opponents are virtual players randomly chosen from a total of 30 (1).

The questions of these players are generated dynamically in each game and their level of “proficiency” (probability of correct answer) can be adapted in each case. By default in the qualifying rounds is 50% and in the final, Master Quiz has 80%

The players

There are 3 types of players that can be registered in the game:

  • Team leaders. They can create different teams and register the “team players” within each team.
  • Team player, who belong to one of the teams that the team leader has registered.
  • Individual players. They are registered individually and do not belong to any team.

Each of them can configure their avatar, play the game and appear in the different rankings.

Team leaders can create competitions among their players and invite other team leaders to join them.


Currently English and Spanish, others on demand.

Hosting and technical support

In each campaign we take care of hosting the platform. For this we deploy an exclusive cloud server adjusted to the needs of the client and the campaign, with the possibility of increasing the resources if the project requires it over time.

Throughout the campaign we provide technical support for the resolution of incidents that may arise.

Implementation and customization of the platform

To create a campaign, in collaboration with the client, the following actions are carried out on demand:

  • Graphic adaptation, to adjust to the client’s look and feel or to provide a specific one for this campaign.
  • Choice of the type of players: if teams are required (2) with a team leader and their corresponding players or individual players or both types, depending on the target audience.
  • Level of “proficiency” of the opponents in the qualifying rounds or Master Quiz in the final.
  • Special features, to be determined jointly with the client.
  • Adaptation of statistics and reports to obtain.
  • Language of the game

As an additional feature, since all the details of the activity of the game are recorded in the database of the game (befitting of the campaign), a “basic” analysis of “big data” can be specifically treated with the collected data. The requirements of this analysis would be evaluated jointly with the client.

Marketing of the platform

The platform is marketed through use licenses for a fixed period (usually one year) and renewable for equal periods.

To see the possibilities of the platform and its adaptation to your specific case, contact us, without commitment, and we will make a personalized feasibility study.

Yes, I’m interested.

More Information

In these related posts you can see case studies (3) of the use of the platform.

At there is a fully functional demo where you can register, create your avatar and play to explore all the possibilities of the game.


(1) This avoids the existing problem in multiplayer games that work “in real time” that requires a minimum number of concurrent players online at any time.

(2) In the case of the educational environment (colleges or universities), those responsible for the teams would be teachers and their teams would be composed of their students. In the case of competitions created in companies, those responsible for the teams would be the responsible for different organizational units within the company or in inter-company competitions, the responsible for each of them.

(3) In these articles, customer data is fictitious for reasons of confidentiality.