Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent communication tool that any company or brand can use to communicate with their customers or potential customers. A perfect opportunity to offer the user quality content and value.

It is a very powerful tool that, well used, can give very good results, mostly in a hight conversion rate. The conversion rate refers to the percentage of subscribers who either complete the desired action or become customers, depending on your conversion goal. Based on the data published by MailChimp, the average open rate across all industries is at 21.80%, and the average click-through rate is 2.78%.

Email marketing uses email and is sent to a group of contacts, it is customizable and non-invasive. Although emails are sent in bulk, we must note that for receiving our email, the user has previously had to give his data and consent, so there is already a predisposition about receiving our communications.

Types of emails

According to their use, here are some ways in which emails can be cataloged:

  • The newsletters usually present the news of your company (new features or services) and / or summarize the best of your blog. They allow you to stay in the minds of your recipients and inspire them.
  • Email campaigns are more focused on marketing and sales. A campaign can consist of 3 to 10 emails for several days or weeks. For example: an offer for mothers’ day, special offers for the holiday season, the launch of a new product, etc.
  • Transactional emails, as the name implies, are sent after a transaction. These are, for example, booking confirmation emails, welcome emails when someone subscribes to your newsletter or reset password.

How can XGINT help you or your company with Email Marketing

We can help you along all the way in the process of defining your Email Marketing Strategy, including selecting the Email Platform you are going to use in your Email Marketing efforts.

Whether you are new to Email Marketing or already have experience, we can help you!

We can take care of your Newsletters or Email Campaigns, since the very beginning by:

  • Create or grow your mailing list, by setting up subscription forms in your web or landing pages in your social networks.
  • Segment the mailing list accordant to the purpose of the newsletters or campaign.
  • Select the subject of the email. This is very important because the subject has to appeal enough for the recipient to open our message.
  • Design the content and appearance of the message and the CTA’s (ideally it should be only one per message).
  • Send the emails thru the selected email platform. Here is important to choose wisely the day and time, since it depends of the type of recipients and the purpose of the mailing. Though in general has been recommended to send emails in week days, maybe this work better for B2B, but for B2C maybe sending in weekend could works better.
  • Analyzing the results and do the follow up.

Regarding transactional emails, the consideration are the mostly the same, except that we don’t choose the time to send them, since they are automatic response and it’s the user who choose the time and expect a response within minutes.

Also if you plan to use Messenger as a tool for customer relationships, we can create boots to automatize the communications with your customers and use them as a complement to the Email Marketing Strategy.

Whatever you needs are, we can help. Contact us, without commitment, and we will make a personalized feasibility study.

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