Pfizer Foundation 20 anniversary

On the occasion of this 20th anniversary Pfizer Foundation has prepared a series of 5 meetings during 2019, throughout the Spanish geography.

Pfizer Foundation celebrates 20 years. In this time, it has evolved towards a foundation based on scientific, technological and social innovation, but always with a common denominator, their values ​​of transparency, quality and excellence in everything they do.

In these meetings, open to the general public, we will have the presence of David Cantero, renowned journalist and writer who will interview the two invited experts in each session.

This series of five meetings around the evolution of society, creativity, technology, science and intelligence, serves to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pfizer Foundation. The meetings will deal with diverse subjects such as creativity, the evolution of intelligence, scientific, technological and social innovation. In every meeting, there will have two experts in these matters, to help us understand the changes that our society is experiencing.

So far, Pfizer Foundation has celebrated 2 meetings in Madrid and Seville.

Creativity in constant evolution. In this first meeting, hold in Madrid on 18th February, creativity was discussed as a driver of change, with the presence of Christian Gálvez and Ramón López de Mantarás, who helped us to understand the important role that human creativity plays in the changes of our society. David Cantero, interviewed the two invited experts.

Society in constant evolution. This second meeting, hold in Seville on 23rd April, has brought together Father Ángel, founder of Mensajeros de la Paz, and Ana Sáenz de Miera, vice president of the global network of social entrepreneurs Ashoka. The dialogue, moderated by David Cantero, has analyzed how work has evolved to help disadvantaged groups from welfare to social entrepreneurship.

In the following months there will be 3 more meetings that will be announced in a timely manner.