Advergaming campaign for Caixa Catalunya made to promote a deposit that was contracted exclusively through the internet.

The campaign consisted of an advergame and a set of rich-media promotional banners.

The campaign was carried out for 2 consecutive years. The first phase began in March 2008 and lasted until August.

The first advergame was set in a bank branch (in different scenes that were enabled in time), where through different tests and puzzles, the player gets higher or lower score, which then translated into a certain percentage increase in the profitability of your deposit.

In 2009 a continuation of the campaign is carried out, linked to the renewal of the contracted e-deposit.

This second advergame was set in a virtual museum, where through the tour of its different rooms, it was possible to access tests similar to those of the advergame of the previous year.


  • Client:  Catalunya Caixa
  • Years:  2008-2009
  • Site languages:  Spanish, Catalan

  • Custom site development
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

  • Flash
  • .NET
  • SQL Server