Educational action aimed at the employees of Leroy Merlin, through which they will be able to know all the areas and logistic processes that make possible the development of the activity of Leroy Merlin.

The application is structured in three levels:

  • Level 1: it shows all the logistics areas involved in the activity of Leroy Merlin. The central element is the store and from here you can access Level 2.
  • Level 2: in this level there are two clearly differentiated areas, the store and the warehouse. From each of them you access to Level 3.
  • Level 3: Here are the training resources that make up each module. Its access is identified with a green balloon with the logo of Leroy Merlin.

The navigation is guided and as the user progresses, he obtains points. The scores of all participants are ranked in the general and store rankings.

A distinctive element is the gamification mechanics of the project through points, badges, titles and progression bars.

Badges are graphic representations of each employee’s achievements. You can get a total of 12 badges. In the profile of the user you can see the collection of badges that you have obtained and those that are still to be achieved.

The contents that are presented as it is advanced, can be consulted again when desired.


  • Client:  Leroy Merlin
  • Agency:  GEC
  • Years:  2017
  • Site languages:  Spanish

  • Custom site development
  • Maintenance

  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • MySQL