Campaign to publicize the characteristics of the life cycle of the used industrial oil that SIGAUS manages.

The campaign included a mini-site (on the web and Facebook) and several games, with which the user could obtain different prizes.

The games were unlocked by calendar days, as long as the previous game was played: the first day you could only play game 1, the second day game 1 and 2, and so on.

Each player had a limited number of attempts per calendar day in each game. He could use the attempts to improve his score in each of the games. To have more attempts, they had to share the results on Facebook.

There were 4 games and a Great Final Test (game 5). Depending on the points obtained in the first four games, a certain number of lives (or time) was earned to play in the Grand Final Test.

In the game there was a series of “winning moments” type “scratch” (roll-over) that appeared on the exit screen of the games when the user met any of the conditions (for example: register in the game, play yet certain game, share on Facebook, reach a certain score, …).

When a prize was obtained, it was sent automatically an email with the code to exchange it and the instructions to do so.


  • Client:  Sigaus
  • Agency:  Adesis
  • Years:  2016
  • Site languages:  Spanish

  • Custom site development
  • Maintenance
  • Hosting

  • HTML 5 responsive
  • .NET
  • SQL Server