Informative website and interactive school contest on responsible consumption.


13 years ago, together with Kidekom, we created an entire online community for the National Consumption Institute (currently Aecosan) with the aim of raising awareness among young people about the need to make responsible consumption in all areas.

Consumopolis is a game in which during 2 phases the students of the Spanish schools that wish to participate must form groups of 5, led by a teacher. In the first phase, participation is individual. In the second, the whole group must approach a teamwork.

Every year there are more participants in Consumopolis, and we are already going through the 14th edition.

Each group will fight so that their team is the winner (globally or within their community and / or school year), while they learn the operation of the basic rules of a consumption exercised with critical and responsible sense through questions, putting it in practice through different games.


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  • Years:  2005-2018
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