Arcade Games

About Arcade Games

Arcade Games is a games portal, powered by the Arcade Games Platform, where users can play different games, share their results in Facebook and Twitter and win prizes if they they get to be one of the best player during a specific time frame.

The games included in the Arcade Games portal have different categories: action games, puzzle games, match games, quiz games, skill games, logic games, sports games, memory games and board games as the most relevant. The users who access the portal need to be logged in to have their points recorded and so be able to win prizes. The login is made using their social network accounts (Facebook and Google).

In any case, the users logged or not (playing as guest) can play the games for free.

The portal is financed by running ads from different sponsors (served by Google Ads).

About the SMM strategy

We established two clear social marketing goals, in this order:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Drive website traffic.

To increase brand awareness we created a Facebook Page and run a campaign to boost “social awareness” at first. In this way, when the brand had some reputation, we could address the second objective: drive website traffic.

The first goal was achieved by means of both organic and paid campaigns in Facebook. Creating suitable content, publishing it in a timely manner and running different Facebook Ads, did the job done.

The results were scoring a total of more than 5.000 followers in our Facebook page in less than 3 months.

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For the second goal, we used the same strategy from the Facebook page (organic and paid campaigns) driving the users to the website. Also we created an Instagram account where we were publishing different images and videos related to the different games in the portal (15 games in total).

The results of this second goal has been incrementing the visits to our website in more than a 800% compared with the period before the campaign started.