Master Quiz Case Study: Increase your profitability

In this Master Quiz Case Study, we talk about Best Banking(1), a Spanish bank that wants to carry out a communication campaign to promote one of its products that it sells through the internet. The product is a 1-year term deposit.

Through an implementation of the Master Quiz platform, the campaign is defined with the following characteristics:

  • Addressed only to individual players. The target audience is men and women between 25 and 54 years old (according to the latest studies on the use of online banking services, this group accounts for 75% of total users).
  • The questions are posed with the objective of knowing what the level of the financial culture of the users is, an aspect that will be used in the future in successive communication and marketing campaigns.

An important aspect of the campaign, apart from logically promoting the sign on for the term deposit, is the post-campaign big data study. The percentages of correct answers related to different financial products are correlated to deduce to what extent they influence their signing on (2).

An example of this type of correlation would be the following: compare the percentages of successful answers where the product we are talking about is a retirement plan with the percentages of contracting it. If the highest percentage of signing on corresponds to a greater knowledge of some aspects of this product (for example tax advantages or long-term profitability), it can be inferred that this information should be highlighted in the product promotion.

These types of conclusions can be used in the successive marketing plans of the bank’s products.

Have fun playing and also manage to increase your profitability without having to negotiate with your bank … which sometimes is not easy.

At the end of the promotion, the top 5 players will get different cash prizes and if they have signed on for a term deposit (which was the promotional aim of the campaign), they will double the profitability offered by that product.


(1) Fictitious name for reasons of confidentiality.

(2) This data does not belong to the game database, it is provided by the financial entity and is added to the rest of the data for the realization of the study.