Master Quiz Case Study: Do you want to work with us?

In this Master Quiz Case Study, we talk about Top Consulting (1), an international consulting firm that wants to carry out a communication campaign to attract talent among university students to incorporate them into their company.

Through an implementation of the Master Quiz platform, the campaign is defined with the following characteristics:

  • Addressed to teams of 5 players. The target audience is students of the last academic year from a series of predefined degrees (Business Administration and Management, Law, Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, and Engineering). One of the students acts as a team leader and invites/enrolls the rest in order to participate in the game.
  • The questions are presented with a double objective. On the one hand, they want to know what knowledge those students have, both from the business consultancy sector and from TOP CONSULTING itself. On the other, test out how they respond to hypothetical situations taken from the consultant’s experience with some of their clients, preserving, of course, their confidentiality. This second type of question proposes a situation and the student/player must choose which is the correct solution.

The post-campaign analysis of the participation data will allow the consulting firm to verify the extent to which it is known, as well as the perception that exists among the public of the work carried out by a company in this sector. These types of conclusions can be used in the successive communication plans that will be made.

The players who participate in the game will learn to know each other better and will also come into contact with different aspects of the corporate culture and business areas of the international consulting firm.

At the end of the promotion, the 4 best players who have at least 3 members of their team among the top 20 (2) are pre-selected to participate in a second face-to-face phase, in which the teams will compete with each other by preparing a paper on a real case study. The team that wins will get an internship to work in the consulting firm.


(1) Fictitious name for reasons of confidentiality.

(2) This requirement aims to encourage teamwork and that participants had balanced teams.