Master Quiz Case Study: Do you like movies?

In this Master Quiz Case Study, we talk about Todo Pictures (1), a film producer and distributor that proposes a communication campaign to find out the public’s knowledge of their films.

Through an implementation of the Master Quiz platform, the campaign is defined with the following characteristics:

  • Addressed only to individual players. The target audience is men and women between 18 and 35 years old (according to the latest studies of attendance at movie theaters, this group includes 80% of the audience).
  • The questions (including the 4 basic types) are raised in order to see the knowledge that players have about themes, directors, actors, writers, awards and other aspects in each of the films that TODO PICTURES produces and distributes.

An important aspect of the campaign is the post-campaign big data study. The percentages of correct answers in the different aspects are correlated to deduce to what extent they influence the success of the film (2).

An example of this type of correlation would be the following: compare the percentages of successful answers where the director of the film is Steven Spielberg with the percentages of success at the box office. If the greater success corresponds to a greater knowledge of this data, it can be inferred that this data should be highlighted in the promotion of the film.

These types of conclusions can be used in the marketing plans of successive films.

The campaign is localized in different countries in terms of the language of the platform and the questions and especially as to which films are relevant in each country.

In each country there is a winner of the competition whom the producer gives a trip for 2 people to visit their film studios.


(1) Fictitious name for reasons of confidentiality.

(2) This data does not belong to the game database, it is provided by the producer and is added to the rest of the data for the realization of the study.